Should I Raise My Sons To Be Feminists or Humanists?

As I nursed my baby, I nursed those worrying thoughts too.

It is completely unfair, a cruelty and a violation of basic human rights more than even feminism.

My kids still fight over each other’s fallen cookie crumbs, so I am really doubtful if anything sank in!

Strong men don’t berate, objectify, intimidate or abuse their spouse, coworkers or any woman.

Strong men don’t use their power to hurt but protect.

I am repulsed by misogynist men, but let’s be real. Many a times, it is women who are the worst enemies of women.

The fact is that kids DON’T learn their social skills from Donald Trump, the President or Bill Cosby the actor, but from me, the Parent.

They will be a product of MY policies and governing no matter who wins in 2020.

Cancer geek I Lover of words & fried rice I Memory Keeper

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