Should I Raise My Sons To Be Feminists or Humanists?

As I nursed my baby, I nursed those worrying thoughts too.

I don’t particularly like the word feminism, because it automatically implies that I am less than a man, that I have to wave a pink flag and fight for my rights. But at the same time, I would react strongly if a different set of rules were imposed on me or anyone just because of gender. So I guess that does make me an undercover feminist.

It is completely unfair, a cruelty and a violation of basic human rights more than even feminism.

I did feel empowered by the Women’s March in 2017. Maybe the world my daughter and other young women would live in would be a safer place.

My kids still fight over each other’s fallen cookie crumbs, so I am really doubtful if anything sank in!

But I was happy, the discussions had started. I will evolve the talk as they mature because often the lines are blurry. What really constitutes sexual harassment or inappropriate talk or touch? How do you know when a line is crossed? What are your boundaries?

Strong men don’t berate, objectify, intimidate or abuse their spouse, coworkers or any woman.

Strong men don’t use their power to hurt but protect.

But there is a wider issue at hand also. Are women the only ones harassed and oppressed? No Are the inflicters of hate and harm always men? No

I am repulsed by misogynist men, but let’s be real. Many a times, it is women who are the worst enemies of women.

From mean high school girls to monster mothers-in-law to catty friends, we women can make the nastiest men look decent.

The fact is that kids DON’T learn their social skills from Donald Trump, the President or Bill Cosby the actor, but from me, the Parent.

How have I treated them and others? Have I modeled respect in front of them? Regrettably not all the time. So I cannot point the finger at anyone but work on the example I set for them.

They will be a product of MY policies and governing no matter who wins in 2020.

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