Are we falling for the the false promise of technology?

Facebook just unveiled their new line of wearable tech, eyewear called Ray-Ban Stories. It can take photos, record videos, answer phone calls, and play music. The $300 glasses of course require a Facebook account so that you can transfer data to and from the Facebook-built View app.

Thank you, Zuckerberg…


The ills of being too connected

I first entered the whole social media scene in 2009 with Facebook. It was entertaining and novel at the time. But after wishing a million people ‘Happy Birthday’ and wasting hours commenting on everyone’s Instagram-filtered pictures, Fakebook was beginning to lose its sparkle for me.

Plus where was the privacy…


Be careful when you venture into the seedy alley of the Internet.

Some time back I had read an article about FBI agents hunting down online pedophiles on the Dark Web. It piqued my interest. What and more importantly where was this ominous-sounding place?

I naively thought it was the black screen I browsed in incognito mode. Turns out I was wrong…

Just beneath the surface.

Grief lives just beneath the surface,

in the first rushes of the morning sunlight hitting us,

in the genesis of waking thoughts,

in reflections of fragmented memories, we desperately hold on to,

in framed pictures of loved ones halting us with their piercing eyes,

in cobwebs of past regrets entangling…


Your privilege is showing.

I did a double-take when I read this headline- “Parents in Orange County protest against mask requirement at schools.” They called the mask requirement a draconian measure by the school board which would affect their kid’s ability to learn.

Misty Griffin, the chair for Orange County’s chapter of the national…

But love to read how much you make.

Medium is flooded every day with stories about how much moolah writers make. You get to know who went viral, who got the bonus and what their payment is down to the last decimal.

That’s actually how I landed at the pearly gates of Medium in the first place. About…

My journey to salvage it back.

I was a stay-at-home mom for wait for it….10 years. Like many women, I put my career on the back burner when my 3 kids were little. It was my decision to trade in office meetings for toddler tantrums.

Looking back in the rearview mirror, I have no regrets about…

I was scrolling through my old messages on Facebook. I came down to a message I had sent my brother a year ago, a few days after his death. It was just 3 words- “Where are you ?

I knew I would never get a reply back, but that was…

Now, that’s how you play a game!

Naomi Osaka, the 23-year-old Japanese tennis professional is a four-time Grand Slam singles champion and the reigning champion at the US Open and the Australian Open.

During the 2021 French Open, she announced she wouldn’t participate in the mandatory press. …

Understanding the why behind prostitution

A few months back, I watched a gripping Indian movie on Amazon Prime — ‘C U Soon’. A young man falls in love with a girl over the phone without meeting her. She tells him her life is in danger. He rescues her and lets her stay in his home…

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