Accounting for the missing 18 minutes.

On December 20th 2021, 3 year old Lina Khil went missing at the apartment complex where she lived in San Antonio, Texas. Her mother left her unattended at the playground for an unspecified amount of time.

At 7:15 p.m., about two hours later, her parents reported her missing according to…

And I’m not going to feel guilty for being a killjoy.

The theme for my office Christmas meeting was ‘ An attitude of gratitude’. Everyone was invited to share what they were grateful for over the past year. People shared the usual stuff, they were thankful for their family, good health, their job, etc.

A colleague whose mother was on her…

What happened to Legos or video games?

It only took a global pandemic to pause school shootings for a brief moment in time. While 2020 had 10 school shootings, the recent shooting at Oxford High School in Michigan brought the count to a staggering 222 for 2021.

15-year-old Ethan Crumbley emerged from a bathroom with a gun…

The hand that rocks the cradle does rule the world.

Narcissism is a personality trait. Most of us have some level of natural narcissism brewing in us which is not a bad thing. Small doses of self centeredness are healthy and protect us.

A person who is excessively high in narcissism is said to have narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). It…


Consume and be consumed.

The term Black Friday was coined by Philadelphia police in the 1960’s to refer to the chaos created by the throngs of post Thanksgiving shoppers. Since then the mayhem got exponentially worse every year.

Despite supply chain disruptions, the Adobe Digital Economy Index which analyzes direct consumer transactions online, forecasts…

Their self worth bleeds.

Ladies, imagine you’re just going about your regular day. Next thing you know, you start experiencing those familiar uncomfortable symptoms—an onset of low back and pelvic pain accompanied with a wave of nausea. Simultaneously your abdomen begins distending to the size of a whale.

Brace for impact. Aunt Flow is…


Are we falling for the the false promise of technology?

Facebook just unveiled their new line of wearable tech, eyewear called Ray-Ban Stories. It can take photos, record videos, answer phone calls, and play music. The $300 glasses of course require a Facebook account so that you can transfer data to and from the Facebook-built View app.

Thank you, Zuckerberg…


The ills of being too connected

I first entered the whole social media scene in 2009 with Facebook. It was entertaining and novel at the time. But after wishing a million people ‘Happy Birthday’ and wasting hours commenting on everyone’s Instagram-filtered pictures, Fakebook was beginning to lose its sparkle for me.

Plus where was the privacy…

Tina Viju

Cancer geek I Lover of words & fried rice I Memory Keeper

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